Payment on the way for healthcare workers

The Healthcare Worker Winter Retention and Surge Payment will deliver payments of $3000 to all staff working in public hospitals and ambulance services.

By Matthew Sims

A boost for healthcare workers, such as those in Wyndham, will soon arrive, as payments of $3000 are set to be sent to all staff working in public hospitals and ambulance services, including nurses, midwives, doctors, allied health professionals, paramedics, ward clerks and patient services assistants.

Thousands of health staff in both clinical and non-clinical will also receive the Healthcare Worker Winter Retention and Surge Payment, including those working in cleaning, food services and laundry services.

The package will also include free meals for workers who put their hands up to work overnight from July until the end of the year.

Premier Daniel Andrews said these initiatives represent a modest but meaningful way to support and retain healthcare workers within the public system.

“Our people are our health system’s greatest asset and this is just one way for us to recognise and support their efforts and ensure nurses, doctors, paramedics, allied health and support staff are there when we need them most,” he said.

To be eligible for the full package, workers will need to be employed by a public health service by Friday, July 1 and still be employed on Friday, September 30.

The payments will be made in two rounds, one after Monday, August 15 and one after Friday, September 30.

Those who start between Friday, July 1 and Friday, September 30 will be eligible for a pro-rata payment, providing an added incentive to help attract more staff to our public hospitals.