Nidhi’s new book

Author Nidhi Trivedi. (Supplied).

Point Cook author Nidhi Trivedi has released a new book.

She says: “Once in a while, an idea takes a hold of me I just can’t be satisfied until I just sit down and write it.

“THE LIVES INSIDE OUR HEAD” is that book that has been floating around my head for years and once everything clicked together in my mind, it consumed me.

Get ready to explore your inner self with the fantastic book coming this October.

My first ever self-help book which will bring lots of insight about one own self.

This book describes my own understanding of the journey that I have travelled and experienced through self-inquiry.

In this tough time of covid, lots of us are struggling with depression, anxiety, mood swings and lots more.

We have been stuck about how to lead our own life.

There is no specific or defined way to live life. Still, unfolding the mechanism of thoughts and emotions and knowing how to lead in a more simplified way is the key to a happy and healthier life.

Hope this book brings a different perception and light to the readers.

This book will be available in various Book stores in Australia and also in India.”

Pre-order by contacting: