My Wyndham: Fiona Fazzolari and Amy Williams

18-07-19 Pic of Fiona Fazzolari and Amy Williams from South Corner cafe. Photo by Damjan Janevski.

By Alesha Capone

My Wyndham: Fiona Fazzolari and Amy Williams are familiar faces to customers at The South Corner in Werribee. Ms Fazzolari is an owner of the cafe, while Ms Williamsis her colleague. They chat with Alesha Capone.

How long have you been working at The South Corner?

Amy: Two-and-a-bit years. I think what I like most is the vibe that we get from customers. Pretty much, the same people come in all the time. You know their names, and they know yours.

My favourite thing here is the people, we’re very fortunate to have the customer base that we have. We can have a laugh and a joke with them.

Fiona: It was two years in June. I enjoy the team I work with here, we have an awesome bunch of people – we’re more of family, rather than workmates. We always have a laugh and a giggle.

Amy: We both drink the same coffee every day. We come in, have a coffee, and start work – we open at 6am.



How did The South Corner come into being?

Fiona: Myself and my husband, Fab, bought the business when it was a milkbar. Fab is not originally from here (Werribee), but he always said this place would make an awesome cafe. One day, he was walking past and saw the business was for sale. He came in and said to the owner, ‘Oh, is the business for sale?’ He had a chat and that was it. I’m a beautician by trade and was also a stay-at-home mum, whereas Fab’s family have been in the restaurant trade and business for years. So he’s always had hospitality in his blood.

Amy: I remember the first time I came in here for an interview, for my job. It was so busy that I had to come back another day – the cafe was packed.

Do you both live locally?

Fiona: We’re living in Werribee now. I was born and bred here. The Werribee community is pretty awesome.

Amy: I live in Werribee too. I didn’t know the people where I lived, until I came to Werribee. I know my neighbours now, and people say hello to you at the plaza. I previously lived in Altona and Point Cook, which were both lovely places, but didn’t have the same sense of community.