MY WYNDHAM: David and Cheryl Rintoull

Husband and wife David and Cheryl Rintoull, who run Mossfiel Electrical, live in Hoppers Crossing. Photo by Joe Mastroianni.

By Alesha Capone

My Wyndham: Husband and wife David and Cheryl Rintoull, who run Mossfiel Electrical, are long-time Hoppers Crossing residents. They chat with Alesha Capone.

How long have you lived in Hoppers Crossing?

David: We’ve been here for 44 years. Our first home was in ‘old’ Hoppers Crossing.

Cheryl: We lived in Rudolph Street which we thought was pretty good at Christmas time. We lived there for 12 years, and then bought and built where we are now.

David: There is plenty that has changed.

Cheryl: The biggest for me, was when I worked in the city. I caught the Geelong-line train for eight years and made lots of friends, as we all sat in the one compartment. I always said they would electrify the train line when I stopped working in the city, and they did! When we moved here, we liked the area because it felt like the country, but was still part of the city.

David: The best part now is the improvement in the facilities, such as supermarkets, restaurants and schools. We are also happy that our family lives nearby in Wyndham.

Cheryl: There wasn’t much in Hoppers Crossing back then.

David: We like to support local businesses. There are so many great coffee places and such a range of choices of where to eat.

What would you change about the area, if you could?

Cheryl: The traffic.

David: It’s terrible, I don’t think there’s anyone who wouldn’t agree.

Cheryl: Also parking at railway stations. Whenever I go to the city I can never get a park. You have to be dropped off and in the streets surrounding the station, there are cars parked everywhere.

How long have you been operating Mossfiel Electrical?

David: I think about 30 years. It started out as small and part-time. I worked for the fire services for 30 years and then I came into the business full-time and Cheryl did too. We have won two Wyndham Business Awards, of which we’re very proud.

Cheryl: We won them in 2007 and 2010. Every year we have entered the business awards, we have made the finals.

David: I have enjoyed putting apprentices on and seeing them come through and develop. We are proud of our contribution to the electrical industry.

Cheryl: I have completed a Diploma of Business which I really enjoyed. We have always considered ourselves a family business and we have excellent staff who help us so much. We have been fortunate that with their assistance, and hard work, we have been able to holiday overseas in recent times.