My Wyndham: Ashlee Brown

Ashlee Brown. (Supplied).

Ashlee Brown, who runs an online support group for people have experienced trauma, has been named as the One Wyndham recipient for November. The award recognises residents aged between 12 and 25 years old who positively contribute to the municipality. Wyndham mayor Adele Hegedich said that Ms Brown was making a difference to the community through her positive can-do attitude and by helping others overcome trauma. Ms Brown chats with Alesha Capone.

How do you feel to receive the One Wyndham award?

I feel honoured and grateful to receive the One Wyndham award and to be acknowledged for the work that I am doing to assist in creating a better world for younger and future generations.

Can you tell me a about the online support group you run to help people dealing with trauma?

I run one primary support group online, using Facebook, that is called “Freedom – Higher Vibes”. This group has been active for almost two years and it aims to assist people with healing from trauma, accessing support through their stages of awakening and gain knowledge on spirituality. The inspiration that triggers the creation of this group, was other Facebook groups around the world, that had provided me with light, or positive messages in some of darkest times. Once I began to work through the bulk of my trauma, and started to feel better, I wanted to do good, and help others do the same; with lockdowns and being an isolated single mum at the time, creating an online community space /support group seemed like the beat option to spread love, light and positivity.

What do you enjoy about your volunteering?

I love volunteering, whether it be simply posting in the group, offering free mentoring to those in need or physically getting out in the community, and that it because it feels so good. Helping others, and sharing my love fills me with positive vibrations, lifts me up and makes me feel lighter. Often, I can even learn from the situations around me and become a stronger or wiser person myself, which is an added bonus.

You are also studying?

I am currently studying my masters in Reiki healing, which is basically energy management. While this (Reiki) is a regulated practice in Australia, it is internationally recognised by the Natural Healers’ Society. After I have completed these qualifications, I intent to study business at a regulated and professional level. At this point, my goals include becoming my best self, guiding my children to do the same and travelling the world with them, to spread and share healing, love and light. I suppose you could say that I aim to secure successful and professional placement in the fields of holistic health and counselling as well as entrepreneurship and business.

What else do you do with your time?

I do have a small business partnership, our business is called Rise Enterprise and it is a gift shop, that primarily sells candles, jewellery natural self care products and ethically sourced crystals. I make the candles, some of our jewellery and many of our natural self-care products. I love creating products that are natural and ethical, and knowing that those creations can assist in making the lives of others better. I should mention that Rise Enterprise also offers a range of services including holistic mentoring, oracle and tarot reading, home and aura cleansing, and will soon be offer Reiki healing.

Would you like to add anything esle?

I’m so grateful to the woman who nominated me for this award and for the team at council’s Youth Services for selecting me as the recipient.