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Williams Landing teenager Divine Emezie graduated from Westbourne Grammar School last year with outstanding academic results. Now studying medicine at university, he is also a tutor. He chats with Alesha Capone.

Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

I’m a 19-year-old avid volleyball player, basketball fan and medical student. I love challenging myself, and I want to do everything I can to use my skills and talents in new projects or hobbies.

What was your ATAR score when you completed year 12 last year?

I received an ATAR of 99.95. My raw score was 50 in English, Mathematical Methods, Chemistry, as well as a raw 50 in Biology which I did as a year 11 student. I finally received an All-Round VCE High Achiever’s award, as well as an English award.

What did you enjoy about studying at Westbourne Grammar School?

It was great being amongst like-minded, hard-working people. My peers served as extra motivation despite the year’s difficulties. My teachers were incredibly dedicated and made every effort to support me on my journey.

Did lockdowns and COVID have a big impact upon your studies last year?

At first, I certainly found that it was difficult to be apart from friends, and without the opportunity to study in the way I was accustomed to through a mix of in-person class and self-directed learning at home. However, I also discovered that being under lockdown disciplined me to focus on myself and my responsibilities as a student. I found myself even more determined to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and divert my full effort into my studies – you only do year 12 once, so I wanted to make it count.

How are you enjoying university?

I’m studying undergraduate medicine at Monash University. I’ve loved it so far, and with the mix of science and interpersonal skills, there’s so much variety and many things to learn. I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else. There are so many different disciplines and specialities I could find myself in the future. I’m sure that any plans I make now will change as I gain more experience in different areas, but I feel that surgery is a challenging, engaging and fulfilling route to head towards.

Do you have any advice for this year’s VCE and VCAL students?

Make time to have fun and create memories with your friends as much as you can. Give your full effort into your studies, and know that you have every potential to achieve great things. Have pride in your work, and own your future accomplishments because they were built by you.

You also mentioned that you and your friends have started a tutoring business?

I love having the opportunity to work with different students and brainstorming different ways to maximize their own potential – everyone is different, with varying needs and goals. Creating Process Education with Luke Tarola (who also studied at Westbourne last year) has also given me the inspiration to begin other initiatives. I’ve started an affordable MMI (multiple mini-interview) interview tutoring team called School2Scrubs alongside my friends from university, which aims to provide year 12 students from around Australia with the strategies and confidence needed to perform well in interviews, aiding them in gaining entry to medicine.

What do you like about living in Williams Landing?

I’ve always felt quite safe and engaged in Williams Landing. I particularly enjoyed running around and getting to know the suburb when I first moved here, as well as playing basketball at the local park. I feel that I’ve connected with many new people through local basketball, and it’s been a fantastic form of bonding with my siblings.

Would you like to add anything else?

I’m extremely excited to see what the future holds. If anyone has any questions regarding how to get undergo either the Process Education or School2Scrubs program to email or