Kidsafe launches ‘The One’

Kidsafe say three families lose their children to incidents such as driveway runovers, button battery ingestions, drowning and furniture tipover very week. (Unsplash/Varshesh Joshi)

Kidsafe Victoria has launched their ‘The One’ campaign to raise awareness about child injury.

The campaign will feature families whose children have lost their lives due to a preventable injury.

Kidsafe Victoria relationship and engagement manager Alex Hamilton said people never imagine the will be ‘the one’.

“We work with many families who have lost their child due to a preventable injury. Their lives are changed forever and the damage is irreparable,” Ms Hamilton said.

“They are good parents who never thought that they would be ‘The One’ that this happened to. But sadly, a near-miss or the unthinkable can happen in the blink of an eye, which is why Kidsafe continues to work tirelessly to ensure prevention messages reach all families across Victoria.”

Kidsafe is urging members of the public, including those living in Wyndham, to support the campaign.

They recommend people download a free home safety checklist and going through to assess for potential hazards for children.