Hoppers Crossing tyre company champions recycling

Scott Cannard. (Joe Mastroianni) 206345_01

Esther Lauaki

A Hoppers Crossing business is doing its bit to reduce waste by recycling more than 35,000 tyres over seven years.

Scott Cannard, who runs JAX Tyres Hoppers Crossing, said it was important for the business to recycle as many tyres as possible in partnership with Tyre Stewardship Australia.

“[We have] contributed significantly with 35,223 tyre units recycled through the program from Hoppers Crossing and surrounds since achieving accreditation in 2013,” Mr Cannard said.

“Through this initiative, we have been able to prevent these tyres being illegally dumped or added to local landfill, instead having them broken down so they can be used to build roads or playground equipment flooring across the country.”

Nationwide, 56 million tyres reach their end life, but only 10 percent of those are recycled locally, leaving many to be illegally dumped, stockpiled or disposed of.