Help learning English

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By Alesha Capone

The Language Cafe program run by Wyndham Libraries offers residents a fun and friendly space to practice speaking English.

A council spokesperson said the Language Café program gave people an opportunity to “practice English conversation skills with other learners using fun activities and conversation starters”.

“Language Café participants enjoy learning about each other’s different cultures and experiences, the laughter and the sense of community – cooking is always a popular topic for discussion,” they said.

The Language Café sessions are run at the Point Cook Library, Julia Gillard Library Tarneit and Hoppers Crossing Library on a weekly basis.

An online Language Café session also runs every Thursday from 12.30-1.30pm.

“We’ve had people from many different cultural backgrounds in Language Café including Spanish, Swedish, Iranian, Chinese, Indian, Japanese and German,” the spokesperson said.

“People from different walks of life are also attending the sessions – exchange students, grandparents, new migrants, and job seekers. Everyone is welcome.”

They said that Wyndham Libraries offered resources in both print and digital to support people who want to learn English, including study support for children, youth and adults.

“There are also items in the most popular community languages for people to read in their own language such as Chinese and Hindi,” they said.

“Libraries have public access computers, free wifi and friendly staff to support people who may need support accessing online forms.

“The five Wyndham Libraries welcome everyone, have spaces to study and relax and are also open some hours on weekends and in the evenings.”

Bookings are required to attend the Language Cafe. Details: or 8734 0200.