Help for homeless

Chelsea with some of the masks she has made. (Supplied) 221249_01

By Alesha Capone

Year 12 student Chelsea has sewn 100 reusable masks which have been donated to homeless people.

Chelsea, who attends Thomas Carr College in Tarneit, made the masks as part of a community service project she completed for her Personal Development Skills & Work-Related Skills subject.

Chelsea donated the masks to Vinnies Victoria to give to people sleeping rough.

Chelsea, 18, said she initially started making masks for her friends and family, then decided to also create masks for the school project.

“I chose to make masks for the homeless because they don’t have access to them or the means to buy them,” she said.

“To make 100 masks was my goal, because we had to set goals for the project as to how we would plan it out.”

Chelsea said she spent about a fortnight cutting out fabric, sewing and packaging the masks, which she made in six different sizes.

“I did enjoy making them and I’ve done a lot of charity work at school, it’s just me and what I like to do,” Chelsea said.

“I’m happy to be able to help homeless people out as well.

“Also the teachers here are really, really great and supportive.”

Chelsea said she has taken part in the annual Vinnies Sleepout four times.

She said the fundraising event usually involved Thomas Carr students sleeping in the school gym, but this year they participated from home, due to the pandemic.

She has also participated in bake sales for St Vinnies and the RSPCA, plus the Canteen Foundation’s bandana campaign.