Height limit plan for RAAF base

The “Defence Aviation Area” aims to control activities which might be dangerous to aviation activities. 111410_08

By Alesha Capone

The Department of Defence is proposing to apply height regulations to buildings constructed within 15 kilometres of the Point Cook RAAF base.

The DOD is seeking public feedback on a proposal for the “Defence Aviation Area” which aims to control activities which might be dangerous to aviation activities.

The regulations, if adopted, would apply to buildings, communication towers, trees and gas plumes emanating from an exhaust stack, plus temporary structures such as cranes.

Extensions to existing buildings or structures exceeding the height limits would also be required.

Although developers would not be prevented from building above a certain height stipulated in the regulations, they would be required to seek approval from the DOD if planning to do so.

Breaching the regulations could result in a fine of up to $4400.

The proposal outlines five areas in which buildings above a certain height would require permission, including parts of Point Cook Homestead Road, Main Drive and Point Cook Road, where all new structures would have to gain approval from the DOD.

Other areas near the RAAF base would require permission for buildings to be constructed at 7.5 metres or higher, 15 metres or higher, 45 metres or higher and 90 metres or higher.

The 7.5 metre zone includes sections of Point Cook Homestead Road, Rifle Range Road, Luthine Circuit, Esperance Plane and Vivianne Avenue.

The 15 metre zone is bordered by, or located near, parts of Crawfords Road, Duncans Road, O’Connors Road, Aviation Road, Hoppers Lane, Boardwalk Boulevard, Dunnings Road, Point Cook Road and Sanctuary Lakes North Boulevard.

The other two zones cover parts of Point Cook, Seabrook, Laverton, Laverton North, Williams Landing, Truganina and Ravenhall.

The DOD has asked for public feedback on the proposed Defence Aviation Area, before it is sent to the Minister for Defence for approval.

Submissions are due by 5pm on December 11, email raafpointcookdaa@beca.com or see www.defence.gov.au/id/AviationAreas/Default.asp for details.

Feedback can also be mailed to: RAAF Base Point Cook DAA, c/- Beca Pty Ltd, PO Box 7079, St Kilda Road, Melbourne, Victoria, 8004.