Have a coffee and get chatty


By Olivia Condous

Wyndham residents can connect over a coffee and a chat through an Australia-wide initiative to get local communities connected.

The Chatty Cafe Scheme has run across Australia since 2019, inviting local cafes to host a ‘Have a Chat’ table with community volunteers inviting anyone from the community to simply sit and have a chat.

Chatty Cafe volunteer Amber Kennedy organises two local fortnightly events, with one at Birdy & Co in Eynesbury the and one at the Little Lucky in Bacchus Marsh.

Ms Kennedy said the ‘Have a Chat’ tables allowed people who may be socially introverted to strike up a conversation with someone they don’t know and meet new people.

“It’s just breaking down that connection barrier, to walk into a cafe and go, ‘I’m here by myself, who could I talk to?”

Ms Kennedy said the events help residents who may be new to the area or those who have lived there for years to be brave and step out of their comfort zone and make new friends.

“For me, if one person has found a connection, job done,” Ms Kennedy said.

Ms Kennedy encouraged other local cafes to get on board by hosting a ‘Have a Chat’ table, or other residents who are keen conversationalists to volunteer.

“Any of the cafes could get involved and anybody can get involved as a volunteer.”

Eynesbury details: www.bit.ly/ChattyEynesbury