Giving thanks for pets

Caitlin, 11, and her mother Jacqueline with their two Jack Russells, Daisy and Poppy. (Damjan Janevski). 250217_01

By Alesha Capone

Manor Lakes resident Jacqueline appreciates the happiness that her family’s two Jack Russell dogs Poppy and Daisy bring into their lives.

With World Animal Day approaching on October 4, animal organisations across the world are urging pet-owners to give thanks for the companionship and joy that furred, feathered and scaled creatures bring into their lives.

Jacqueline said Poppy and Daisy loved walking by the lake, watching her and her husband work during lockdown, “helping” to do the dishes and snuggling on the lounge.

Daisy has been with the family for 2.5 years and Poppy for 1.5 years.

“They are really lovely little dogs, we have really enjoyed having them and they are a great addition to the family,” Jacqueline said.

Jack Russells are the most popular dog breed in Wyndham, with 1486 registered with the council.

There are also 1398 Staffordshire bull terriers registered with council, 1319 Labradors and 990 Cavalier King Charles spaniels.

Overall, there are more than 21,000 dogs registered in Wyndham and more than 6000 cats.

World Animal Day is co-ordinated by Naturewatch Foundation, a charity based in the United Kingdom that has campaigned on animal welfare for 30 years.

On October 4, the foundation invites individuals, businesses, schools and community groups to raise funds or awareness for their favourite animal charity.