Drivers caught speeding


Tara Murray

Many drivers in Melbourne’s north-west are a bit lighter in the pocket after being booked by Victorian Police during Operation Roadwise.

The operation, which ran from December 18 until January 6, resulted in more than 14,216 traffic offences and 1332 criminal offences detected across the state.

Speeding was the number one offence, with 6201 offences recorded.

In the Macedon Ranges, there were 196 speeding offences recorded, while 142 people were issued speeding fines in Melton.

There were 77 speeding offences in Moorabool, 68 in Hume, 65 in Brimbank, 45 in Whittlesea, 32 in Wyndham, 31 in Hobsons Bay and 23 in Maribyrnong.

Police in the Macedon Ranges also picked up a number of unregistered vehicles, with 21 drivers issued infringement notices.

That number was more than doubled in Melton, with 49 unregistered vehicles found. There were also 21 drug drivers and 21 unlicensed drivers issued with infringements and 15 seatbelt offences in Melton.

In Hume, there were 35 infringement notices issued for disobeying signs/signals, 16 for unregistered vehicles and 14 infringements for unlicensed drivers.

In Whittlesea, unregistered vehicles (10) was the only other offence in double figures.

Outside of speeding, there were 28 other infringements issued in Moorabool.

In Brimbank, there were 24 unregistered vehicles, 14 seat belt offences, 12 disobeying signs/signals offences and 11 unlicensed drivers and mobile phone offences.

In Wyndham, seat belt offences (12) were the only offences in double figures other than speeding.

In Hobsons Bay, there were 11 unregistered vehicles picked up, while there were eight in Maribyrnong.

Road Policing Command assistant commissioner Libby Murphy said while police were happy with the behaviour of drivers overall, it was disappointing to see so many drive impaired.

“It is not worth being caught, or worse – seriously injuring or killing yourself, your mates, or an innocent road user,” she said.

“We want 2021 to be a better year for all Victorians. This means slowing down, avoiding distractions such as using mobile phones while driving, buckling up and stopping for appropriate rest breaks when travelling long distances.

“Putting on a seatbelt gives you the best chance of survival if involved in a serious collision…There’s no excuse.”