Drawings bring characters to life

Jennifer Reuter. Photo: Supplied/Katinka Kernutt (katinkakernutt.com)

By Alesha Capone

For Hoppers Crossing’s Jennifer Reuter, drawing is an essential part of her life.
Ms Reuter is an illustrator, storyboard and comic artist and animator, including for electronic games and the entertainment industry.
“Drawing, for me, is like breathing,” she said.
“I think part of it is getting to experience and learn about people, that I wouldn’t otherwise.
“I like putting a lot of research into my characters and like exploring psychology, background and character by drawing.”
Ms Reuter said she enjoyed creating her own comics, including one titled Katabatic.
“It’s a story set in the clouds about a sky nomad who is following a tear through the clouds to find out what caused it,” she said.
Ms Reuter said hopes to get Katabatic’s publication crowdfunded later this year.
“Comics are great because it’s such a visual medium, so easy to pick up and so accessible,” she said.
Next week, Ms Reuter will conduct a graphic novel workshop in Werribee, which will include exercises on turning text to images and information about the independent publishing scene.
The workshop is aimed at people aged 12 and up. Ms Reuter said the participants did not have to want a career in comics or drawing, but should be interested in the topics.
“My hope, or goal in life, is to get more adults into graphic novels,” she said.
The free graphic novel workshop, a Wyndham council event, will be held on Saturday, March 14 at 11am in the Plaza Library at Pacific Werribee shopping centre.
Bookings required: www.wyndham.vic.gov.au/whats-on/graphic-novel-workshop
See Jenareuter.com or bit.ly/Katabatic for more details.