Council urges residents to clean up

Photo: Damjan Janevski

By Alesha Capone

Wyndham council is reminding house owners and tenants to make sure their properties are kept tidy this spring.

Safer communities portfolio holder Cr Kim McAliney said that when the council inspected residential properties last year to check they were being kept in a safe and neat condition, as required under local laws, council officers spoke to about 600 residents about the state of their land.

However, only seven were issued with a fine for not complying with local laws.

“The sort of things that council staff are looking for are overgrown grass and trees or any branches or roots obstructing footpaths or creating a safety concern,” she said.

“Unconstrained rubbish, motor vehicle parts in the garden, discarded building materials or any discarded material that pose a hazard or health risk.”

She said it was best to conduct a spring clean of your property before it becomes an eyesore and interferes with your neighbours’ right to live in a clean, tidy and safe neighbourhood.

“If your property comes to the attention of the City Local Laws team, you may be issued with a notice to clean up within 14 days.

“If this is not complied with, property owners may be issued fines and under some circumstances, other associated clean-up costs.”