Charlie’s terrifying ordeal

Charlie after he was attacked by two dogs in Point Cook. Photo: Supplied

By Alesha Capone

Maltese dog Charlie is usually full of life, but the poor pup is feeling worse for wear after being attacked by two other dogs in Point Cook.
Charlie’s owner Margaret was walking near Gershwin Crescent around 4.45pm on November 6 when the terrifying incident occurred.
Margaret said that she had Charlie on a lead, when a man walking two “big, black” dogs approached.
Unfortunately, the man had blue string attached to the two dogs’ collars, rather than proper leashes.
“Of course, they (the dogs) broke off straight away,” Margaret said.
Margaret said she and the man tried to pull the bigger dogs off Charlie when they attacked him, but that it was no easy task.
“It was a nightmare and it seemed to last forever,” she said.
Margaret said she even kicked the black dogs in an effort to get them away from Charlie, but she fell down herself.
Margaret said that during the attack, another man came over.

Charlie, before the dog attack. Photo: Supplied

She said Charlie, who was bleeding, tried to walk away from the attacking dogs and fell over.
“My heart just went, I was bawling and screaming, I thought it was the end for him,” Margaret said.
She said the two men apologised before walking off with the two black dogs. She picked up Charlie and walked home, where she jumped in the car and raced him to the vet.
“He has cuts all over him and stitches, they are worried about his thyroid gland, the vets think the dogs may have bitten it,” Margaret said.
She said that Charlie, who is 11, was also having trouble walking.
“It breaks my heart to see him like this, he is usually so excited and lively to see everything,” Margaret said.
Margaret said she did not want the black dogs to be put down, but for all dog owners to be aware they needed to use proper dog leads and harnesses when walking their pets.
“That’s all I want – I want to get the story out there, that if you have dogs, you have got to restrain them,” she said.
“Especially bigger dogs, if you can’t control two, just have one.”
Wyndham council said the dog attack has not been reported to them.