Call for noise walls on freeway

The Princes Freeway. Photo: Google Maps

By Alesha Capone

A resident living near the Duncans Road interchange has called for noise barriers to be installed along a section of the Princes Freeway.
The resident, who asked to remain anonymous, said “noise pollution” coming from the freeway was causing “health issues” for nearby residents.
“The constant daily drone from the Princess Freeway is causing mental fatigue as we are constantly trying to block the noise out,” he said.
“At night the sound has become so loud that we have no choice but to sleep with ear plugs and even that doesn’t solve the issue.
“My partner is currently on sleeping medication to help stay asleep through the constant drone all night.”
The man said the stretch of Princes Freeway backing onto a residential area, which includes Christina Court and surrounding streets in Werribee, is “the only area without adequate noise protection from Lara to the Westgate Bridge”.
“I am unsure how this has been able to happen and why now with ongoing construction this issue can’t be addressed,” he said.
“Just on the other side of the freeway is Point Cook, that have had large six-to-10-metre high concrete noise barriers installed the length of the suburb.”
The man said during May last year, Wyndham council conducted noise-level testing in the area, when the speed limit was reduced from 100 km/h to 60 km/h.
He said the council had informed residents “the noise level was only just under the decibel level to install noise barriers”.
A Department of Transport spokesperson said the department was working with Major Road Projects Victoria (MRPV) “on its plans to incorporate noise walls as part of the Duncans Road interchange upgrade”.
A MRPV spokesperson said noise walls were being built as part of the Western Roads Upgrade “where they are needed” but other steps were also being taken to limit noise, like installing asphalt that reduces tyre noise.
A state government spokesperson said: “We’re always working to limit the impacts new and upgraded roads have on communities – so we’ll install new noise walls for the Melbourne-bound exit ramp that forms part of the upgraded Duncans Road interchange.”