Baily rocks TikTok

Piper, 12, with Golden Retriever-Labrador Bailey. (Damjan Janevski). 256744_06

Golden Retriever-Labrador cross Bailey is ahead of the pack when it comes to social media success.

Bailey, who is owned by a Wyndham family including Emma Mitchell and her 12-year-old daughter Piper, is certainly a popular pup.

Piper has made a TikTok account for Bailey, upon which she posts one or two new videos every week.

With nine videos so far, Bailey has gained more than 565 followers.

The most-watched video on the @baileyzac_ account is a short clip of Bailey drinking from a hose, which has been viewed more than 2100 times.

Piper said her favourite video features Baily getting chased by the vacuum cleaner.

Other videos show photographs from when Bailey was a puppy and one occasion when he became rather dirty, needing a bath.

“I like filming, editing the clips and being creative,” Piper said.

“I’ll see how it goes, I’d love to get a few thousand followers.”

Ms Mitchell said that when she began posting photos of Bailey on Instagram, “everyone commented on how gorgeous and photogenic he was”.

“He is definitely not shy, he is confident and he loves the attention,” she said.

“If you go to the dog park, he says hi to all the dogs and has to cuddle with every human.

“He’s just cheeky, loves attention, loves going for walks and the beach.”

TikTik has about 1 billion users across the globe.

According to a report from, Golden Retrievers are the “most-watched” dog on TikTok.

Videos of the breed have clocked up 9.2 billion views.

Alesha Capone