Baby formula thief jailed

By Alesha Capone

A man who pleaded guilty to taking part in nine burglaries which targeted baby formula and vitamins has been sentenced to three years jail.

Goods totalling $541,000 were stolen during the burglaries, committed on commercial premises between June 8 and August 30 last year.

Gurwinder Gill was sentenced last month in the County Court after pleading guilty to nine charges of theft, one charge of possessing a drug of dependence and the summary offence of committing an indictable offence while on bail.

Judge Michael Cahilll told the court that Gill and his accomplices committed the burglaries “late at night on commercial premises which were targeted for baby formula and vitamins intended for Asia”.

A Point Cook business was one of those hit, with about $90,000 of stock stolen.

Gill was arrested in Laverton North last August when he collected a truck used during one of the burglaries.

Police also searched Gill’s car and found a phone, knuckle dusters, $640 in cash, an angle grinder and a small bag of heroin.

Judge Cahill said that Gill admitted to police he had been paid $7000, which he used to buy heroin, for his involvement in the burglaries. Gill also told police that he had been battling a heroin addiction for two to three years.

In sentencing, Judge Cahill said he had taken into account Gill’s lack of prior convictions, “frank admissions” to police and “good prospects of rehabilitation”. Judge Cahill said two of Gill’s co-offenders, Herdeep Singh and Navjinder Singh, had previously been sentenced.

Herdeep Singh, of Newport, was sentenced to 21 months jail for his involvement in burglaries and thefts on three commercial premises.

Navinder Singh, of St Albans, was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment for burglaries and thefts carried out at three commercial premises.