Manor Lakes to be a suburb, state government declares

LATEST: Manor Lakes residents have finally got their wish, despite the state government bungling last week’s announcement that the area will become a suburb.

Last Thursday, the government announced that Manor Lakes would become a registered locality within the City of Wyndham.

Spokesman Kosta Pandos said this meant the area would become its own suburb, instead of being part of Wyndham Vale.

But less than 24 hours later, Planning Minister Richard Wynne’s spokeswoman Rebecca Thistleton dashed residents’ hopes, telling Star Weekly that the area’s recognition as a locality did not make it a suburb.

She said that Manor Lakes would remain part of Wyndham Vale.

Since then, residents have had cause to celebrate, with Environment, Land, Water and Planning Department spokesman, Ewan Cook, confirming that Manor Lakes will be a suburb after all.

“Manor Lakes will be a bounded locality, which is the same as a suburb, and residents will no longer be part of Wyndham Vale, but will remain part of the City of Wyndham,” he said.

The mishandled announcement has caused great confusion, with residents unsure of which suburb they actually called home.

Manor Lakes Residents Association secretary Delphi Anderson said she was frustrated by the mixed messages from the government.

However, she is glad residents have finally had their wish granted.

“This is absolutely brilliant for our community. Many, many people have been working very hard to secure this,” she said.

“This is something that we have always believed in.”

For three years, the Manor Lakes Residents Association has been lobbying for the area to break away from Wyndham Vale, presenting a petition with more than 1000 signatures to State Parliament last April.

Manor Lakes’ boundaries will be determined in consultation with the community and Wyndham council.