Laverton North death mystery: Werribee woman still needs answers

A Werribee woman is hoping two unknown drivers could hold the key to explaining her husband’s death.

For Lynette Flowers, the date November 10, 2011, is forever burned into her memory.

Her husband, David Flowers, was sitting in his car at a roundabout in Laverton North when another driver slammed into him.

A police brief on the incident shows that the other driver claimed he felt dizzy at the time and his vision became blurred.

He claims to have lost control of his car while driving along the Princes Freeway before taking the Laverton North exit where he became airborne when he drove straight over a roundabout and into Mr Flowers’ car.

According to the police brief, the driver had a stroke the next day while he was in hospital.

For more than a year, Ms Flowers has been calling for a coronial inquest so that questions about her husband’s death can finally be answered.

Issues such as the other driver’s medical records going missing from the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine and a delay in police interviewing him have left her reeling.

A letter sent from the Coroners Court of Victoria to Ms Flowers’ lawyers earlier this month states that further investigations have been made, but there were still grey areas.

It confirms that two other cars were hit by the driver before he crashed into David’s car.

“Investigators appealed for witnesses to the initial collision through all media outlets and on Crime Stoppers,” the letter states.

“The drivers of those vehicles never made themselves available to investigators.”

The coroners court is expected to announce by the end of August if it will grant an inquest.