A twin-win situation for Hoppers Crossing mum

Despite the stresses and headaches – and the fact there are twice as many nappies to change, – mother of twins Louise Unsworth wouldn’t change a thing.

The Hoppers Crossing resident already had two stepdaughters when she learned she was pregnant with twins at the age of 35.

“It was a bit of a shock at the beginning because we never expected it, but then it was exciting. Then there was lots of planning,” Ms Unsworth recalls.

She gave birth to Daniel and Freya three years ago. They were born five weeks premature and each weighed only two kilograms.

She says life with the now happy and healthy three-year-olds is only getting better.

“It’s just been really special,” Ms Unsworth says. “Even though it’s a lot of hard work, it’s really great to see them together.”

Ms Unsworth says Daniel and Freya have always been energetic and know how to keep their mother busy.

“The hardest thing is the sleep deprivation and juggling everything at once,” she says.

“Good family support makes it so much easier. And if someone offers you help, you take it.”

The Australian Multiple Birth Association, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, has helped thousands of families deal with the struggles of having more than one child arrive at once.

About 2 per cent of Australian families include a multiple birth. The association says medical and technological advances during the past four decades have made life for those families much easier.

For more details, visit www.amba.org.au.