IN FOCUS: Sparkling in all facets of jewellery

Duffs Jewellers staff Stephanie Zelenak, Carol Thomas and Kathi Uzunovski. (Photo Damjan Janevski)

By Samantha Freestone

Beautiful jewellery, hand-crafted and including one-off pieces, is the proud signature of Duffs Jewellers.

It’s a heritage built on the skill and artistry of four generations of master jewellers.

Frank Duff snr started the multi-generational family business in another age, when hand-crafted jewellery was the norm rather than the exception.

The Pacific Werribee store, the Duff family’s fourth, joins three others in Geelong.

In an age of mass production, it’s easy to forget that a hand-crafted ring is not only possible, but also affordable – and a great option for those who have a particular original or unique design in mind.

Ben Duff is a third-generation jeweller at Duffs who has studied gemmology, jewellery appraising and diamond grading to be the chief buyer for the family business.

“Just like Frank, who was known for his love of travel and for finding unique gemstones from the far reaches of the world and creating unique and beautiful jewellery with them, we are still travelling and keeping that tradition alive,” Ben says.

“His inspired jewellery was built around his travels. He’d be overseas, in India and Sri Lanka, and bring back exotic gems and then craft this beautiful jewellery.”

It is an approach that sets Duffs Jewellers apart from its competitors.

“It’s in our blood,” Ben says. “We’re overseas buying and searching for gems and gold two or three times a year. It is a tradition that runs through our family. One of creativity, travel, creating bespoke one-off pieces and keeping up with the fashions of the day.”

Boasting knowledgeable staff, some of whom have been with the business for more than 30 years, as well as Geelong’s largest selection of jewellery, Duffs Jewellers’ commitment is to provide quality products that will give many years of pleasure and enjoyment, with the assurance that the company will be there to care for your jewellery in the future.

Ben recently travelled to the world’s second largest gemstone fair, in Hong Kong in June, seizing the opportunity to again search through precious gemstones, pearls and other goods from all over the world to find beautiful objects that will become part of the Duffs’ jewellery collection.

“We do it all in-house,” Ben says. “We have built a team of jewellers, graders, artisans and buyers to make sure the process is seamless and – just as importantly – that the structure and integrity of the piece is crafted so it will last a lifetime.”


Duffs Jewellers, Pacific Werribee. Opens 9am-5.30pm Monday-Wednesday, 9am-9pm Thursday and Friday, 9am-5pm Saturday and 10am-5pm Sunday. Inquiries: 9749 4399 or visit


The Duffs Jewellers display window (Photo Damjan Janevski)
Duffs’ team of jewellers in the workshop. (Supplied)