IN FOCUS: Family care key to dental success

Dr Sarojani Maskey and Dr Salu Maskey. (Photo Damjan Janevski)

By Jenan Taylor

A little over a year ago, Dental@Hoppers principal dentist, Dr Sarojani Maskey decided to return to practice locally in the hope of being able to work close to family and home.

In that time, client numbers have surged, and business is booming, so much so that hours have been extended on Thursdays and Fridays and a new dental chair brought in. But the additions don’t stop there.

Sarojani recently welcomed her cousin, Dr Salu Maskey as the clinic’s associate dentist.

“With Salu on board,” she says, “we can welcome more patients and see more emergencies.”

From the snowy peaks of Nepal to the bustling new estates in Wyndham, Salu’s experience ranges widely.

Having trained and worked alongside a renowned periodontist in Nepal, her passion is tackling gum disease and the management of the associated pain.

“Patient compliance and comfort are among the foremost things that I value as a dentist,” Salu says.

The dentist is quick to point out that when an individual has bad oral conditions, their overall state can suffer.

“I believe that providing utmost oral care to my patient can definitely promote their oral and overall general health.”

Of course, she is no stranger to the business’s regular patients and clients.

“Salu has been a part of the clinic since it opened and used to assist us in that time,” Sarojani says.

“She practiced in Nepal before moving to Australia. And now she is licensed to work in Australia.”

Of course, having Salu join as a fully-fledged dentist cements the practice as a family-owned and run dental clinic, but also extends the expert knowledge and skills available to patients.

Dental@Hoppers offers a range of services from general dentistry, cleaning and extractions to cosmetic procedures including teeth whitening and crown work, as well as dental emergencies.

Like her cousin, Sarojani is keen to stress that dental health should not be left to chance.

However, with so many young families and new residents busily settling in the area, the practitioner is aware that check-ups can be hard to maintain.

“That is why we have a recall system in place that sends out reminders every six months,” she says.

“Bookings can also be made online at anytime via our website.”


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