IN FOCUS: Avalon Airport ramps it up

The Aviramp makes aircraft more accessible. (Photo supplied)

By Carole Levy

It’s been three months since Avalon Airport opened its new international terminal, with twice daily AirAsia flights to Kuala Lumpur, and the flights are already extremely popular.

The new international terminal is functioning smoothly and passengers are enjoying the simple processes, the duty free shopping and the relaxed atmosphere in the Departure Lounge.

Many further changes have occurred since the launch of AirAsia on December 5 last year, and changes will continue.

On February 28, Avalon launched its new Aviramp International. The first of its kind in Australia, the jet bridge is a mobile ramp that creates easy passenger access to the plane.

Chief executive Justin Giddings says Avalon already prides itself on its accessibility, with all services on one level, for example. He says the jet bridge is a welcome extension of this.

“It has been an objective of ours to make aircraft more accessible for a long time,” he says, “and we’re thrilled that the Aviramp has arrived and is now in use by AirAsia.”

The undercover Aviramp with lighting increases the flow rate of disembarkation by almost 30 per cent compared to stairs.

The low-gradient ramp provides an improved boarding experience for customers with limited ability or those who require assistance – and it makes boarding safer for every passenger, as it removes the risk of tripping or bottlenecks on stairs.

The carpark was recently divided into long and short-term parking. The pricing structure will soon change to reflect this shift, with cost-effective parking available for longer-term travellers. All parking will still be right out the front of the airport, with a very easy walk to check-in.

Baggage wrapping and storage are now available. And a newsagency has newly opened in the domestic terminal, stocking books, magazines and sundries.

Further multi-faith prayer rooms have also been opened just off the Departure Lounge, adding to the one already in the forecourt.

The forecourt itself will soon be furbished, so friends and family can enjoy spending pre-flight time together, accompanied by the lovely David Bromley artwork under the cloud-like shade cloth.

“These developments continue the excitement of the new international terminal and flights at Avalon,” says Mr Giddings. “The objective, of course, is to remain easy to use in spite of growing passenger numbers. We’re proud of the level of comfort we can offer for the price of the flights and parking. We really are the best small airport in the world.”


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