Ghost whisperer Suzie Price comes to Werribee

At the age of seven, Suzie Price was hit by a car. This is when she realised she had a ‘gift’.

“I was unconscious for a short time, and saw an angel with a beautiful light around her,” she said.

“I felt so much love from her, and she told me I had to come back.”

  • What: Ghost Whisperer Suzie live show
  • When: Friday 15th of July
  • Time: 7pm
  • Where: Italian Sports Club Werribee, 601 Heaths Rd, Werribee
  • Tickets: To purchase tickets or for more info on the show please visit


Suzie woke up, and she says that’s when she started seeing spirits.

“Mum took me to a psychologist, who said I had an overactive imagination and that I’d grow out of it … but I never did.”

For 17 years, Suzie has been working as a medium, and says she connects people with their loved ones who have died.

“We connect on a telepathic level. They’ll tell me things about their lives …spirits often remember things from the lives they lived,” she said. “I ask a question and they pop thoughts into my head.”

Suzie has clients waiting 15 months to see her, but she will be making the trip down from New South Wales to Werribee this week for a show.

She said it will be a forum-style show at the Italian Sport Club of Werribee, where she’ll ask spirits to come through.

“It’ll be first in, best dressed with spirits contacting me,” she said.

Details: 9741 1225