Students, teachers hitting all the benchmarks

Hoppers Crossing Secondary College promotes a culture of improvement for students. (Photo supplied)

Alana Richards

Hoppers Crossing Secondary College Principal, Keith Halge is proud of the achievements of his students, especially over the past few years.

With the support of the college staff and wider community, Hoppers Crossing Secondary College is producing students who are happy, self-confident and successful young people who can demonstrate independence and a sense of career direction.

The college promotes a culture of improvement, where students are encouraged to strive for their best and use feedback to progress academically.

“We understand that not every day is going to be a student’s best day, but with our Improvement Policy, every student who submits a task can seek feedback and work towards improving their results,” Mr Halge says. “This builds a child’s confidence in their own learning and resilience when faced with a challenging task.”

Hoppers Crossing Secondary College has a comprehensive grade 6 to year 7 transition program, including opportunities for a number of school experience days. In-depth consultation with grade 6 teachers enables educators to learn about every student; their strengths and weaknesses, what they need to know to assist students prior to them starting at the college.

Mr Halge says Hoppers Crossing Secondary College ranks above state benchmarks in the Attitudes to School Survey, answered by students, in every area of the study including student effort, managing bullying, respect for diversity, motivation and interest, self-regulating and goal-setting, effective classroom behaviour, stimulated learning, sense of connectedness, student voice and agency and sense of confidence.

“2019 in particular was an amazing time at the college as we achieved our highest ATAR score of 98.90, which is the highest in the history of our college,” Mr Halge says.

“Continuing the successful journey, this year we were recognised and awarded The Age ‘2020 Schools That Excel’ Award for western Melbourne due to having the greatest VCE improvement over the last 10 years.

“The college was also named state and national champions in Wakakirri, with the story ‘Be careful what you whisper’. The story recognises the impact rumours and the digital world can have on individuals … and the preferred behaviours for young people to display instead.

“Our school community excelled in the challenge of moving to remote learning due to COVID-19 restrictions within a very small time frame,” Mr Halge says. “The smooth transition to remote learning is a testament to the dedication, skill, commitment and hard work of all our staff and students.”

Students, parents and guardians can access the school’s online open day presentation to help guide students through their journey and see what awaits them.

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