Make healthy eating Part&Parcel of your day

Daniel and Lia with their sons, Tai (2) and Eli (5). (Supplied)

Carole Levy

Melbourne couple Daniel Kagan and Lia Gery recently launched Part&Parcel, their online business that’s truly revolutionary … and frankly life-changing to boot.

Anyone interested in effortlessly accessing affordable organic pantry staples – underscored with sustainability and ethical practices – is invited to “sit up and listen”, as they say, because Part&Parcel offers something very special.

Firstly, Dan and Lia ask you to imagine:

Virtually shopping from shelves brimming with only the good stuff, curated by someone you trust, like a friend. Farming, sustainability and ethical practices for every product have all been researched. Local products are prioritised – but so are brands that are doing good in the world.

And these premium, organic products are actually affordable – about 40 per cent lower than regular retail prices.

The pièce de résistance? No more trolley pushing and boot loading, because these heavy goods are conveniently delivered to your doorstep … in plastic-free recycled packaging, and in quantities large and small. And delivery fees are tiny.

Part&Parcel operates with a membership model, meaning that it is memberships and not product profit margins that maintain the business. For $60 a year, members can ‘shop’ for the highest quality, extensively researched, provenance-proven, organic pantry staples – all curated by Dan and Lia to effectively eliminate the ‘tyranny of choice’.

As Dan puts it, going to a store and having to read numerous labels to identify what you need is challenge enough, let alone feeling confident about a purchase.

“I realised how confusing food labelling was, especially when you’re shopping at a ‘health food store’,” says Dan. “My favourite ‘healthy vegan chocolate’ has more sugar than a Cadbury chocolate bar.

“Here I was, a seemingly well-educated person when it comes to ‘healthy eating’, and I was confused re labelling and ‘health claims’. I also found the choice overwhelming – how can any busy person have the time to discern from one brand of muesli to the next, and to also have the time to shop around town finding these products?”

Following more than three years’ product research, and speaking to farmers, suppliers and manufacturers, Dan had the answers – and Part&Parcel was born … just as the pandemic hit town.

But that hasn’t dampened Dan and Lia’s enthusiasm for making healthy eating more accessible to everyday Aussies.

“I simply don’t want geography, price and knowledge to deter people from eating/shopping this way. We’ve done all the hard work so our members don’t have to.”

With its different business model, the couple know people will have questions. Lia has created a brilliant website, with every question answered, and painstakingly curated shelves to virtually browse.

Dan and Lia are offering $15 off your first order, so visit to start shopping or for more details.