It’s enough to make your mouth water

Melt On Grill has just opened in Werribee’s Watton Street. (Pictures: Supplied)

Esther Lauaki

If it’s a fresh, healthy alternative to fast food you’re looking for, Melt On Grill Werribee may be your new go-to.

Delicious pitas, subs and salads packed with fresh vegies, grilled meats and zesty sauces are on the menu at the new Watton Street store which opened on July 6.

It’s the latest addition to the franchise of vibrant restaurants which includes Niddrie and Docklands flagship store.

Director Yogesh Puri says today’s trend toward healthier eating still had a long way to go and he and his team wanted to stay ahead of the curve.

Yogesh was convinced the time was right to offer a fresh, healthy alternative to traditional high-fat, high-carb, high-calorie fast foods.

“After the great success of our first two stores, we decided to open our third location Melt On Grill Werribee this month,” he says.

Yogesh says Melt On Grill is all about fresh ingredients in a sub or pita grilled to perfection.

“Just like our name, our idea is simple: Mouth-watering toppings and melted cheese fresh from the grill, all on a bed of crunchy salad and baked bread or pita,” he says.

“Handmade with love and no microwave in sight! Your first bite won’t be your last.”

Choose from a mouth-watering selection of toppings including buffalo chicken, cajun chicken, roasted or Moroccan lamb, shaved pork or pulled beef pastrami.

Vegetarian options include falafel, ultimate geggie or the geg green kabab.

There’s even a hearty breakfast selection which can be packed with eggs, chorizo, bacon, hash browns and vegies.

For extra value, pop in store for one of the Melt On Grill daily specials with a different meal reduced to $8 for a small or $10 for a regular pita, sub or salad, each day.

Melt On Grill Werribee, 7/70 Watton Street, Werribee. Open 8.30am-9pm Monday – Friday, 9.30am-9pm Saturday 
and 10.30am-8pm Sunday. 
Inquiries: 9606 0114 email or visit