IN FOCUS: Teeth: The real ins and outs

Sayers Dental Aesthetics and Implants in Hoppers Crossing can offer a range of solutions for missing teeth. (Supplied)

Doctor Rashi Gupta knows a great deal about treatments for missing teeth. It’s been part of her practice for going on two decades, the past year as principal dentist and owner of Sayers Dental Aesthetics and Implants in Hoppers Crossing.

Dr Gupta says that she has a particular interest in dental implants, although also employs other treatments. She adds that the choice of treatment for her patients is guided by several factors, such as suitability, budget or aesthetics.

She describes here the various options for dealing with the issue of lost teeth – or tooth.

Dental implants

The practice, with the latest digital tech, uses the well-known All-on-4 ™ procedure which offers the following advantages:

• Teeth are fixed, no movement

• Improved aesthetics

Look, function and feel like real teeth

Easily maintained – protocols for cleaning are discussed in detail.

• High success rate

To find out if an implant is right for you, talk to Dr Gupta who will be happy to answer all your questions.


A bridge is a ceramic structure, filling the gap left by a missing or extracted tooth. A ceramic tooth is bonded between two or more porcelain crowns that serve as a support on either side of the missing tooth.

The anchor teeth are shaped to support the crowns, and then a bridge is bonded securely over these teeth.

A traditional fixed bridge is different to a removable or partial denture since it is fixed.

Custom made to a personal profile, a bridge can improve cosmetic appearance using shape, colour and alignment.

In some cases, however, a bridge may not be the best solution, but Dr Gupta and dentist colleague Dr Ben Pham will advise about alternatives.


Complete dentures are for people with no remaining teeth in one or both jaws. Partial or part-dentures, used only for people who have lost several teeth, rely on the remaining teeth for support and retention.

Overdentures, another treatment, gives stability to a denture via four implants acting as supports.

Dr Gupta says, although no longer a first-choice treatment, a denture under proper care can provide patients with a satisfactory solution.

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