Help to navigate life after separation

Family Mediator Anne Karslake. (Pictures: Joe Mastroianni)

Alana Richards

At Relationship Matters, professional and supportive counsellors and mediators are ready to help people work through the details and issues that can follow a separation.

Mediators understand the difficulty and stress couples are often already facing at this point, and aim to keep the process simple and find the best outcome for all involved.

As a first step, an initial intake appointment is made with the mediator who will provide information and resources that can assist people to make good decisions.

Anjali turned to Relationship Matters on the advice of a family lawyer, when her relationship ended. She felt she had hit rock bottom and she was locked in conflict with her former partner.

They couldn’t agree on anything and needed to work through how they were going to support their children and make payments such as the mortgage and school fees.

The mediator was able to help them reach agreements about how they could parent their children after separation, and helped them resolve outstanding financial and property matters.

The pair have now both moved on financially and have a plan for how they communicate and resolve differences in the future.

Cath Tregillis, Executive Manager of Dispute Resolution and Education at Relationship Matters says Anjali’s story is common and it can really make a big difference if couples can commit to mediation early in their separation.

“Even though it can be a very raw time for lots of people, if they can come to agreements early on without too much legal involvement, and have plans for communication, it can make a really huge difference moving forward,” Cath says.

Relationship Matters’ mediators are impartial and will work with a couple to assist them to make plans that work for both parents and, most importantly, work for any children involved.

“We also understand how difficult separation can be for families and we offer a wide range of services that can assist further, including counselling, parenting courses and family violence programs.”

All appointments are confidential. Services for people on health care cards or who may be experiencing financial difficulties can be offered at a lower cost.

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