A full suite of health care needs

The friendly team at Tarneit Discount Drug Store is on hand to help customers. (Supplied)

Maikel Attia, owner of Tarneit Discount Drug Store, believes it’s a pharmacist’s ‘duty’ to offer professional health care services, such as sleep apnoea screening, medication packing, asthma inhaler technique checks, blood pressure monitoring – and more.

Maikel says Tarneit Discount Store provides all these services, but many people aren’t aware that pharmacies have this capability.

“Yet, for lots of people, a pharmacy is often the most-visited health destination in any given year,” he said.

Sleep apnoea

“Our pharmacy is well-positioned for apnoea screening.” Maikel says. “With 90 per cent of people with obstructive sleep apnoea unaware they are suffering from it, we can identify patients with multiple risk factors. These include obesity, smoking, high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes.

“We can make a positive difference for many people in our community with this service, and many others.”

Embracing technology advances

Tarneit Discount Drug Store’s team works hard to make prescription management as simple as possible, knowing that these days are busier than ever and time is a precious commodity.

“We can keep prescriptions on file to avoid their being misplaced, but patients can also download the Discount Drug Store app.

“Scripts on file can be viewed, as well as find out when they’re due for renewal. It also allows ordering of scripts, plus any wanted front-of-shop items, well ahead of time. Items can then be collected at a convenient time, with no waiting.

“The store has also embraced the recently released electronic prescriptions, the system progressively being rolled out across the country. We encourage people to talk to their doctor about this new system.”

Apart from affordable products, the store attends to all health care needs, and empowers people with the knowledge needed to be their healthier – and happier – selves.

Well worth a visit? Yes, for so many reasons.

Tarneit Discount Drug Store, Shop 14, 540 Road Derrimut, Tarneit. Opens 9am-9pm Monday-Friday; and 9am-6pm Saturday-Sunday. Inquiries: 9039 6571 or www.discountdrugstores.com.au