A community of AVID learners

There’s been an improvement in all areas of teaching and learning since the AVID program was introduced. (Photo supplied)

Wyndham Central College’s mission, according to assistant principal Concetta Faranda, is to prepare students for success post-year 12, with a clear aim of supporting students to achieve success – at school and in society.

She says the school uses the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program, which provides teachers and students with a tool kit of best teaching and learning practices.

“The AVID program explicitly teaches students the Education State high impact strategies – for example, to think critically and develop their reading and writing skills,” Ms Faranda explains.

“AVID is a research-based instructional model for effective teaching which accelerates student learning. It’s designed to increase school-wide learning and performance and provide students with the skills and confidence to be active global citizens.”

She says that since introducing AVID at the college in 2013, they’ve had exceptional success.

“There’s been an improvement in all areas of teaching and learning and in VCE results. AVID’s success has seen Wyndham Central College become the first secondary college in Australia to be awarded AVID Certification in 2016, with a status of a Highly Certified AVID School, and in 2019 achieving the status of a Site of Distinction.

“At all year levels, AVID is aimed at explicitly teaching skills and strategies that will support and enhance student learning at secondary school. These skills and strategies can be used in post-secondary studies and beyond.”

AVID is underpinned by the WICOR (Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organisation and Reading) teaching framework. All elements of WICOR are incorporated into lesson plans to support students to actively participate in their learning and gain the skills and tools to be lifelong learners.

AVID is taught by AVID-trained teachers in all classes from year 7 – 12. Year 9 – 12 students who wish to extend their rigor and are willing to extend themselves further, and actively show determination to succeed, are eligible for additional support through AVID Tutorology.

“In the AVID elective, our partnership with Victoria University enables tertiary students to facilitate small group tutorials, supporting our students to expand their knowledge and understanding of rigorous concepts.

“Statistics show that students who undertake the AVID method for three or more years have tripled their success rate of entering and completing a university program.

“Resolving problems, thriving on discussion, and helping passive learners become active and independent learners with a set of skills to be lifelong learners are all part of AVID.”

Wyndham Central College, 101 Shaws Road, Werribee. Inquiries: 9741 4911 or www.wyndhamcentralsc.vic.edu.au