50 years: A success story

MacKillop College Captains in conversation with Father Frank at Opening School Mass. (Supplied)

This is a significant year for MacKillop College as it celebrates 50 years of Catholic education.

2020 began with a celebration of the Eucharist at the Opening School Mass, led by Archbishop Peter A. Comensoli, and a welcome to all students and families – particularly the Year 7 cohort.

Looking back

The College began as a single prefab building, with just four classrooms and 102 students. It was an ‘experiment’ that strove to be a contemporary educational establishment, living by the commitment and inclusivity shown by the Josephites and, ultimately, the College’s namesake, St Mary MacKillop.

The present

Today, the 1970 ‘experiment’ is a multi-complex facility, fostering a passion for learning, cultural inclusion and diversity.

Designed to meet current demands and cater for the unique needs of the community and students, the College has a gym, chapel, amphitheatre, a digital technology hub, music and fibre centre, art rooms, and food technology kitchens.

The grounds have grown apace with learning and teaching initiatives. An example of this is the separate Year 9 campus, allowing half the cohort to break the learning mould entirely for a full semester.

Students are given the opportunity to address themes that are highly relevant on a global level, looking at social justice, harmony and unity, the environment and social change.

Student-run extra-curricular groups include HarMacK, with a focus on cultural diversity and inclusivity; and EcoMacK, developing strategies for sustainability on campus and in the community.

The debating team allows students to debate important issues with other schools, while the Zoo Crew is about hands-on experience in animal husbandry. International programs and local volunteer projects also foster students’ personal growth.

Looking forward

MacKillop College looks back on 50 years of education and forward to the changes and prospects to come. There are endless opportunities to nourish and develop future generations to become proactive and responsible global citizens of the world and MacKillop College is proud to be a part of that.

The vision from the past still stands strong for the future: celebrating all life, challenging all people, dreaming the new day.

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