From the Archives: The Werribee Banner

Star Weekly looks back through the pages of our predecessor, the Werribee Banner


40 years ago

June 25, 1975


Werribee Shire Council is demanding immediate action to eliminate the danger presented by the Princes Highway entrance to Werribee. The strip of road was the scene on Sunday of a double fatality, the latest in a long string of deaths and mutilations in recent years.


30 years ago

June 26, 1985



Werribee is set for a battle between private entrepreneurs and local community groups over who will control bingo in the town. The entrepreneurs, together with former Raffles and Bingo Board inspector Frank Joel and wife Jill, will run a major bingo centre in the Werribee Plaza shopping centre now under construction.


20 years ago

June 21, 1995


Australian Federal Police are warning all Werribee businesses to beware of a notorious group of bogus Nigerian businessmen involved in an international mail fraud scam. One Werribee business has been approached by the gang, which has already obtained millions of dollars from unsuspecting Australians.


10 years ago

June 22, 2005


Arrests in most categories of crime have dropped dramatically in Wyndham over the 12 months to May, the latest figures released by Werribee police reveal. Inspector Shane Dowling said recorded drug offences dropped 13.5 per cent, from 200 to 173, in this period.