From the Archives: The Banner

40 years ago

June 18, 1975

Residents of Woodville Park estate have formed an action committee to protest a proposed sale of land in the shopping centre for flats or clustered housing. Main objections to the proposal are the need for recreation parkland near the centre of the estate and traffic problems, which would be created by higher density housing.




30 years ago

June 19, 1985

Werribee South farmers expect a tooth and nail fight with Werribee council over [the farmers’] attempts to reduce rates for their farms. The farmers said the money being spent in Werribee South was of no benefit to them and have asked the council to strike the rural rate at 50 per cent of the urban rate and have threatened legal action if their claims are not met.




20 years ago

June 14, 1995

Students at the rapidly expanding Grange Secondary College could be forced next year to sit on the floor because of a serious shortage of money for equipment. The school has a $160,000 shortfall in state government funding, which could seriously jeopardise the education of students.




10 years ago

June 15, 2005

Wyndham council will borrow $8 million to spend on sports amenities and strategic land parcels in its development corridors, particularly Point Cook and Wyndham Vale, under its draft 2005-06 budget. The loan, to be paid off over 10 years, will be used to establish sport and recreation facilities including football, rugby and cricket grounds.